Invest in the future, develop a legacy.


Invest in the future, develop a legacy.


Invest in the future, develop a legacy.

Who is Zunikh?

Zunikh is an established and well-respected property development business which offers outstanding investment opportunities through its diverse and expanding property portfolio. We are a nimble and agile developer operating with a professional and institutional approach.

We specialise in high quality residential and commercial projects across the UK and our portfolio is extensive and varied – including the Purpose-Built Student Accommodation, retail and industrial sectors amongst others.

Our specialists in the fields of property, finance and law provide returns for clients time and again, across property and commercial investment projects of all sizes, whilst simultaneously effecting positive change to the places we invest in.

As an entrepreneurial and relationship driven business, we are happy to consider all development and investment opportunities in the UK irrespective of size, location, or asset class.

What we do


    Driving change, delivering results

    We combine collective expertise and knowledge in finance and property to consistently over-deliver for our clients.

    Helping clients to maximise their wealth whilst leaving a legacy to last.


    Hand-in-hand for life’s big moments

    Our developments are synonymous with quality and our human approach.

    When you’re in a Zunikh property, you can have complete confidence that it has been designed with quality and purpose.


    Your values are our passion

    We're about the here and now but also the future too. We want to effect positive change and create a better future.

    When we profit, society profits too.

How does our
work benefit you?

Put simply, we utilise our industry knowledge, experience and talent to identify, develop and invest in real estate across multiple sectors which realise a profit for our investors.

These can range from a commercial property development, helping our partners develop land, or completing a residential complex.

Our business model is based on unwavering values of respect, fairness and best-in-class business practices which benefits our investors and those who ultimately utilise our developments.

See how we're
making change - Some examples

Your values
are our passion

The world is changing, with an emphasis on transparent, ethical business practices and demonstrating care for the places that make up our communities. For us, this is nothing new.

Our passion for property is matched by our inherent desire to disrupt, do things differently, and be a true force for good; all delivered through excellence.

Our values are built on the foundations of fairness, honesty, integrity and exacting professional standards. These are non-negotiable and integral to all we do.

This blend of professional excellence and deep-rooted values and respect allow us to deliver consistently for both clients and the communities we serve.

Driving change,
delivering results

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For all enquiries, please get in touch by either emailing us, or calling us using the details provided.