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Sean is the Chief Commercial Officer of Zunikh.

Like Shakeel and Lily, he is a qualified solicitor with several years’ experience working at various international law firms focusing on both on-shore and off-shore jurisdictional matters ranging from high value Real Estate Finance to Fund inception with firms such as CMS and Harneys LLP.

Having extensive experience with large corporations and plc entities, Sean has an astute understanding of business and in particular business focused in and around real estate. He has been brought into the Zunikh management team to drive the ambitious, multi-faceted, approach to incepting new business offerings anchored in property and is always looking at how Zunikh can use its innovative and commercially incisive approach to generate new income streams, whilst ensuring Zunikh does not deviate from its carefully nurtured culture and ethos.

Sean will also play a major role in the management of the Zunikh Fund once launched. Outside of Zunikh, he has a passion for food and sampling world cuisines.


Favourite board game:  Chess

Favourite instrument: Guitar (though he absolutely will not sing, which is probably best for humanity)

Favourite book: The Magus by John Fowles

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